3 Simple Ideas On How To Get Social Without Your Phone

Another Labor Day has come and gone and life gets more scheduled.

It’s that time of year! Post Labor Day and everything is going Back…

–  Back to School

–  Back to Regular Hours …no more shorter Summer Hours

–  Back to a Regular Schedule and Routine

Whether you’re a working mom or are stay at home mom your life at this time of year inevitably becomes a bit more organized and planned.  Responsibilities you put off for a few months are some how, suddenly, priorities on your to do list.  Summer vacations are over and that easy summer schedule is gone.  No matter your daily routine you may be feeling a bit down, less energetic and possibly a bit lonely.  Whether you’re looking to fill time in during the work week, non-nap hours or the weekend we have 3 simple ways to cure the summer-is-over blues…especially if you have kids that will not be in school full time.

1) Join a local play group or start one yourself!  CLICK BELOW for a couple in the area!

Wheaton, Winfield and Warrenville Newcomers

Glen Ellyn NewComers

2) Take a class with your child!  CLICK BELOW for both private & park district suggestions!

Glen Ellyn Family Music School

Wheaton/Naperville Kids Science Labs

Glen Ellyn Park District Dance Classes

Wheaton Park District Early Childhood Classes

3) Go to an in-door Gym or play zone!  CLICK HERE  for Bounce Around Wheaton  https://bouncearoundchicago.com/

Not only will your kids get to learn to play with others this just might be the birth place of life long friendships for you & your child. It’s also the perfect place to get great recommendations on “the best…” for your family in your local area.

Starting these activities now is a great way to have daily social routines in place before the cold days of winter arrive!


Already in a play group?  We would  love to have you! 

FREE Playtime (with Limited Access)

Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month

Children 5 & Under

Must be accompanied with parent

Please Fill out the information below & we’ll be in touch!



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