What is the minimum package for a birthday party?

Our minimum package starts at 10 children.   When you book a party for 10 kids but less kids show up, you will still get charged for 10 kids.  If you have less than 10 children, there are other options available.  Please call us at 630-480-0273 for more information.

Do you charge for adults?

No, we do not charge for adults nor do we have a limitation on the number of adults.  If you are looking to order additional food items for the adults, please checkout our party menu.

Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome and appreciated.

Do you have pitchers of water or soda?

We do not have any pitchers of water or soda.  We do sell water and 2 liter soda bottles.

Can I bring a birthday cake or Cupcakes?

If you have a party reserved at the Bounce Around you can bring a cake, cupcakes, or both.  We also allow a veggie/fruit tray.

If you are coming for open play, you would not be allowed any outside food.

Can I bring my own food or drinks?

Outside food/drinks are not permitted for any of our guests. We have a birthday party menu that you can order from.  All our food is made fresh in our restaurant.

Who gets counted in my party count?

All Children from 1 year to 12 years old including the Birthday Child ARE counted in the children’s count and 13 years and up in age will be counted in the adult count.

Can we stay in the party room longer than the time allotted to us?

Our parties are booked with a one hour gap between each party.  We do ask parents to leave on time so we can start preparing for the next party.  There may be an additional charge applied if the party stays longer.

How long are parties at Bounce Around?

You and your party guest will have unlimited play for the entire day of your party. The party area will be reserved for your party for 2 hours, however you can chose to extend your party reservation for a fee. Extended parties require prior notification and are based on availability.

What kind of drinks can I bring?

We do not allow any outside food or drinks.  We have a variety of drinks that are sold at our restaurant.

Can I have alcohol for the adults?

No alcohol is NOT allowed in our facility.

Can you store my cake?

No – We cannot store any outside food for you, including cake.

What if I have an ice cream cake?

We highly suggest against bringing in an Ice Cream cake as we will not store it for you. If you still wish to bring in an Ice Cream we suggest bringing it in a cooler with ice to place the cake in. Bounce Around will not be held responsible for any damages to the cake.

Can I add food to my party on the day of the event?

You can order food on the day of, but we highly suggest against ordering food the day of your party as some items my take up to an hour to get ready.

Can I bring in my own decorations and balloons?

Yes, you are allowed to decorate the room any way you like however, we do not allow any confetti or anything that will damage the wall or the furniture.  There will be additional charge if any damage occurs.

Can we take the decorations that were provided by Bounce Around with us like balloons, leftover plates and napkins?

No, all items that belongs to you can be taken back but everything that was in the room that belongs to Bounce Around will have to stay there.  There is an additional charge if any of the items are missing.

Do you provide party room set up and clean up?

Absolutely! We will set up the party room just the way you want it and clean up afterwards.

Your party host will be responsible for getting all the food delivered to your room on time.  He/she will also take care of the cleaning of the room.  If you wish for the party host to serve the pizza, they can do that as well but that is upon request.

How far in advance do Birthday Parties need to be booked?

We do not have a restriction on how far in advance a party can be booked. If we have the availability, we will accept the reservation.  However, we do recommend that the reservations is made at least a week in advance.

Can I bring my own goodie bags?

We sell goodie bags at our facility but you are welcome to bring it in.  We just ask that goodie bags be distributed at the end of the party.

Do I need to stay at the party?

The party host is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and enjoy the fun!

How long can we stay in the facility?

The play passes are good for all day but the party room has to be vacated as soon as the 2 hours are up.

What if I need to reschedule?

Yes. You can reschedule your party but that is based on availability.  The deposit is non-refundable though.

What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?

We ask that you and your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party to allow time for check in.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my birthday party?

Yes, there is a $50 deposit that is required to reserve your spot. Full payment is required the day of your party. Your host will bring your bill 30 minutes before party end time.

Is the Pizza for the parties ordered from outside?

No, our pizzas are made from scratch at our restaurant.

I would like to bring a little cake and celebrate my child’s birthday at the Bounce Around.

You are able to bring in any number of kids without making a reservation for Open Play only.  If you are bringing a cake, you would have to make a reservation and utilize one of the party rooms.

We do not allow any outside food or drinks in the café area.

Will there be someone serving pizza and cake?

We go by what your preference is.  Some customers don’t want their pizza served and some do.

We let the customer decide if they want a server.

What if I cancel my party? Will I get my deposit back?

No.  Deposits are non-refundable.  We don’t offer store credit either.