How to Keep Your Child’s Holiday Birthday Special!

Its that very exciting time of the year, the holidays are coming!  Halloween, than Thanksgiving followed by all the December holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas, Diwali, Chinese New Year and than the New Year.   

There are plenty of them in one month.  They’re all so wonderful and fun but maybe not for the child who’s birthday, the biggest holiday of the year for them, falls on or even around a major holiday.   

Even if your child does not fall into this category you most likely know another child or even an adult who does.  It’s a tricky situation so we’ve compiled some of the best ideas to help you keep your child’s holiday birthday special.

  • Reschedule the birthday.  Select another day to celebrate just them so they get all the special attention but of course acknowledge their real birthday with simple gestures.
  • Do not give them a gift that has a holiday theme.
  • Ensure their celebration is all about their birthday and not about the current holiday in terms of themes, games etc.
  • Maybe celebrate their half birthday so at a completely different time of year.
  • Make sure sure to use only Birthday gift wrap for birthday gifts.
  • Prepare them that they may have a few less friends at their party.
  • Use the perspective that their birthday celebrations go on for more than one day.

Having a party at an indoor play center is another great solution to make your child’s birthday feel special.  Hosting their birthday away from a home that may be decorated and full of gifts for the holiday is a great way to celebrate their big day somewhere else that has a celebration theme of it’s own.  When you host your child’s party at Bounce Around we can create a party that caters to your child’s wishes, their personal theme.  We take the holiday/birthday party stress off you so that everyone can just relax and celebrate your child’s birthday.

We provide all the fun without the stress and clean up! 

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